Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please review, revise, and edit: 6 "discourses" of nature

These are from first class 8/27, words of Dale. They are not complete so please feel free to add what you've got (explanations, clarifications, corrections, additional words etc) especially where there is a ... or ???

Nature #1: denotes known against supernatural (and knowable). Natural system of knowledge. Can't actually know the knowable

Nature #2: That which is susceptible to instrumentable description. scientific... [missing at least 2-3 sentences here] business of science is discovery or knowledge for prediction and control

Nature #3: conventional against nature. "its only natural" statistical behavior, normitivly...???

Nature #4: Nature/natural as wilderness against artifice and artificial. Ex: wilderness areas are artifacts, genocidal obliteration as human...[missing info here]

Nature #5: What is beyond utility in sublime indescribable in instrumental terms place in which nature can't be...reduced to instrumentality, immersion into creation (???)

Nature #6: Mark our imperfect on systems we depend never the less for our survival. "Precautionary principle" know enough to know we don't know enough.


  1. I couldn't fill in all the blank areas, but (hopefully) some of these notes will help clarify/ add to your post:

    Nature #2: That which is susceptible to instrumental description. Invests knowable with instrumentality, which anticipates ideas of belief, knowledge. [could be viewed as a reaction to Naturalists' view in Nature #1]

    Nature #3: Conventional against the unnatural. [how social sciences produce the image of scientificity]

    Nature #5: ["opposite view" of instrumentality of Nature #2]

  2. I missed this class. Are these in some kind of chronological order? Is nature one like Plato's view? They all seem very similar to me.
    Chris Wood